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  • Lilly Ford in Thick Cock Surprises Step-Sister

    Lilly Ford in Thick Cock Surprises Step-Sister 6

    Lilly Ford in Thick Cock Surprises Step-Sister
    Lilly Ford has decided to take a bubble bath and has a rather unique way of getting ready to relax in the tub. She’s dancing around the bathroom while wearing a crop top and some rather revealing shorts. The material is pulled up between her ass cheeks and you get to see them in motion as Lilly grooves out to the music she’s listening to on the phone.

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    She continues her striptease to nobody in particular but does admire her beautiful body in the mirror as she strips out of her clothes and the cute bra and panties that she is wearing underneath. When Lilly finally does get into the warm water, her hands drift between her legs and she moans quietly as she pleasures herself. Lilly seems oblivious to everything around her… that is until her step-brother walks in and sees her naked in the bath.

    If you’re not familiar with the videos featured at SpyFam and are a fan of step-sibling sex, you’re in for a real treat. Once these two get over the initial shock of the situation and start talking about it, they realize how turned on they are and decide to push things a lot further. And why not? With an empty house and no parents to tell them how wrong it is, why not have a little fun?

    Lilly stays in the tub and has her step-brother sit on the side of it so she can take his thick, hard cock in her mouth. It’s quite the contrast to her tiny, nubile body but she does get her mouth around it. He turns her around, grabs her slim hips and starts fucking his step-sister from behind. They both eventually move from the bathroom to the bedroom and continue fucking until their both spent. Intense action as only can deliver!